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Drayton Manor Theme Park Hot Rides

Drayton Manor is one of the UK's most popular theme parks that boasts fantastic rides like Shockwave, Stormforce 10 and Apocalypse. With fantastic new rides hitting the headlines annually, Drayton Manor theme park is attracting more and more visitors every year. DRayton Manor offers rides for all age groups including the young ones who can enjoy Thomas Land amoungst other fun things. New to 2016 is the Live Ben 10 Show, the brand new Cartoon Network Street and Blue Mountain Engines in the Thomas Land section.

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Drayton Manor Apocalypse

Apocalypse at Drayton Manor

Billed by the Sunday Times as 'Britain's scariest ride,' Apocalypse lives up to expectations in a truly terrifying free fall experience. Apocalypse was the world's first 'stand up tower drop' ride when it opened in 2000, and it has since been upgraded - giving an incredibly unique and frightening experience
Drayton Manor Buffallo


The Buffallo Coaster is a fun powered coaster that is suitable for the family. It's been operating for over 20 years and it's still not short of fans! Head through a cattle ranch in the queue line and then step into the forest setting of the Buffallo Coaster. Most of the track is hidden within the trees.
Drayton Manor G Force

G Force at Drayton Manor

Another of Drayton Manor's unique thrill rides, G Force is a roller coaster with some cool features. The tracklayout resembles the doodles of a toddler's scribbles rather than a traditional steel roller coaster. Then, before your journey even begins, you'll also realise that there are no shoulder restraints, G-Force holds you in...
Drayton Manor Splash Mountain

Splash Canyon

Slip into your rain coat because one thing Splash Canyon will do is get you wet - it's a thrilling and family friendly river rapids ride. All aboard a family sized tub which will be cast down the white water of Splash Canyon.
Drayton Manor Pandemonium


Prepare for an incredibly intense inverter ride - Pandemonium promises to put you through some powerful forces. Pandemonium can fit up to 64 riders on two large gondolas, making queuing for it quicker than you might think.
Drayton Manor Shockwave


Still Europe's only stand up rollercoaster - Shockwave is a unique ride that features a quartet of inversions and a top speed of over 50 mph. Shockwave has a large lift hill of over 120 feet, the descent from which generates much of the speed needed for this rollercoaster to maintain its powerful momentum.
Drayton Manor Stormforce


Stormforce 10 is one of the UK's top water rides, featuring three massive drops and speeds of up to 35 knots. Once aboard this thrilling water ride you'll go through three very different drops - including a backwards one that promises to get you very wet. Make sure you smile for the camera.
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