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Alton Towers Hot Rides Summer 2016

There are a great range of attractions and rides at Alton Towers for all ages. From white-knuckle thrillers such as Rita, Air and Nemesis, to family-friendly adventures such as Hex and Old MacDonald's Farm. Here's a nutshell guide to some of Alton Tower's rides, detailing which rides are more suitable for small children, younger visitors, families, older children and adults looking for the big rides. To save yourself money why dont you pre book your Alton Towers Weekend break using the booking for to the right, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much money we can save you for ticket and hotel when you book with
Alton towers rita


Experience a thrill like no other. Rita launches out of the blocks at an incredible 0-100kph in just 2.5 seconds, pushing you through a whopping 4.7 G Force. Rita is one of Alton Towers Resort's newer rollercoasters, having been added to the world famous collection in 2005. It's a short ride - but one brimming with rip roaring intensity, not to mention that its very, very fast!
Alton Towers Thirteen


Alton Towers has a great number of rides suitable for all ages, including their newest ride Th13teen which is based on the discovery of an unearthed ancient burial site in an area of unexplored woodlands known as the Dark Forest.
Alton Towers Oblivion


The legendary Oblivion is a heart-stopping plummet into a black hole. This thrilling ride was the world’s very first vertical drop roller coaster. Oblivion’s incredible plunge is likely to make your jaw drop. Once on board, you'll be taken up the lift hill, and hung over the edge, before you drop over 180 feet at a force of over 4.5 Gs.
Alton Towers Beastie


Climb aboard The Beastie and have a ride on a rollercoaster that's totally suitable for all the kids out there. The Beastie is a small rollercoaster - It's perfect for younger children who are a little frightened of some of the bigger rides, and it's a great introduction to the world of rollercoasters.
Alton Towers Air


get strapped in and 'assume the position' - which means you'll be riding this rollercoaster lying down, flying like Superman. Air is still the only ride of its type in the UK, offering a quite unique experience that is set to wow guests to Alton Towers. This rollercoaster came at a whopping cost of £12 million, whilst it's also the only flying coaster to feature a half zero G roll
Alton Towers Runaway Train

Runaway Mine Train

This ride is fantastic fun for both kids and adults. All aboard the Runaway Mine Train at Alton Towers Resort - It's out of control, so hold on tight! Katanga Canyon is home to a network of caves and mines within its mighty rocks, it’s a totally wild ride!
Alton Towers Nemesis


Ride through a post apocalyptic landscape aboard Nemesis - Alton Towers Resort's suspended rollercoaster adventure. Nemesis is one of the world's top rollercoaster rides, boasting a recent 3rd place in the Mitch Hawker steel roller coaster poll, which was conducted by some of the world's foremost enthusiasts. Riding this rollercoaster is one seriously intense experience.
Alton towers Blade

The Blade

The Blade is a giant chunk of metal that swings like a pendulum in the depths of the Forbidden Valley. The Blade offers a ride that is similar to the classic pirate ship rides. The back and forth motion builds up gradually until the ship is vertical, giving the feeling of being weightless.
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